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Can Inspection System CIS7040

General characteristics


The CIS 7040 is an opto-electronic can inspection system designed for pinhole detection in coated, lacquered and painted cans.

The CIS 7040 is of compact design and therefore, no special mounting arrangements are required. It can easily be fitted to any can making line (Fig.1).


(Fig. 1)

Because of the CIS 7040's flexible design, it is capable of inspecting any shape of open-top can.

Multiple parallel and independent CIS 7040 inspection systems can be installed to suit the particular requirements of the press configuration.

This equipment incorporates a pneumatic blow-off nozzle which is the basis of a very reliable can rejection system. It can be electrically connected to the production line with module-integrated timing.

The CIS 7040 features high immunity to ambient light and because it utilizes intelligent opto-devices (outside the visible spectrum) and a special photo-receiver, an MTBF in excess of 50,000 hours is guaranteed.

Correct operation of the CIS 7040 can easily be verified by feeding cans with calibrated holes through the system. Test results are shown on the monitor and a printout for system validation and for customer documentation can be generated if required.

Special dedicated, but flexible software can provide all the production data, quality report, and system status as well as calibration test documentation that may be required.

Technical specifications

 Inspection  Speed:

 210 Cans / min

 Pinhole Sensitivity:

 10 µm minimum on the top
 50 µm minimum on the sidewall

 Calibration system:

 Cans with calibrated Pin Hole attached to the top and sidewall

 Can size option:

 All sizes and shapes of open-top can.

 Light source:

 Solid state LEDs emitting infrared light.


 Intelligent Photo detector.

 Automatic sorting device:

 Pneumatic blow-off rejecter


 Industrial 17” PC display and keyboard


 Special software for alarm, production and test-data monitoring based on   Microsoft™ Windows XP™ Professional operating system


 RS 232 connection for diagnostic testing

 Screen menu:

 Local language

 Data documentation:

 Customized to customers’ requirements

 Max power  requirement:

 110V or 230V 50Hz, 200 W


 + 10°C / + 50°C


 Max 90% RH, non-condensing