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Porosity Scanner

Porosity Scanner:

The porosity is compact and lightweight scanner, a measurement is simple and the result is immediately shown on the display.






By placing the sample, of non-transparent material, on the circular detecting area and pressing the F1 key will execute the measure, the software shows the total equivalent diameter of the hole.

 display 1



The device is supplied with a hole ISO 9001 certificate for the calibration of the instrument, is sufficient to place the metal plate with calibrated hole on the circular detecting area and press F3.


display 3


 Technical specifications:


 Detection speed:


 Pinhole Sensitivity:   Minimum diamiter: 20 µm 
 Calibration system:  Support plate with 20 µm calibrated hole
 Inspection size:  Circulat detecting area (diameter 60 mm) ,  Area of 2826 mm2 
 Light source:  Solid state LEDs emitting infrared light 
 Detector:  Intelligent photo detector
 Hardware:  Calibration & acquisition by micro processor
 Screen menu:  English (other languages on request)
 Dimensions:  400*170*180 mm
 Max power supply:  110V or 230V 50Hz, 20 W
 Temperature:  + 10°C / + 50°C
 Humidity:  70% RH non condensing