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Weld Hole Detector CS5-350

General characteristics



The CS5-350 is a high-performance, opto-electronic system designed for detection of weld hole in passing metal strip.

Special design assures very high ambient light immunity and full compliance with EMC standards.

Unique fabrication with robust housing material and the use of selected, high-technology components permits accurate and reliable function in extreme industrial environments.

Easy installation, non-critical equipment alignment and maintenance-free.

High speed detection performances.

CS5 350

The equipment is of static concept, all solid-state and uses structured bundles generated by LED sources together with sophisticated optics. In consequence, distinctive characteristics of this system are:

  • Constant cross-web sensitivity
  • High web speed
  • High immunity to ambient light sources
  • High tolerance for detector-to-web distance
  • Minimal downtime-maintenance (solid-state emitter and receiver elements with MTBF in excess of 100.000 hours)
  • Stable, reliable operation
  • compact size, rugged construction allowing installation on pre-existing plants
  • easy installation and removal
  • real-time, continuous 100% inspection
  • detection of 3 mm holes at web speeds in excess of 2000 m/min
  • real-time signal-output when the hole is detected


The equipment includes two parts:

  1. Transmitter HDT
  2. Detector HDR

All the electronics are installed in the very strong HDT and HDR housings and are interconnected by one single, shielded cable which is supplied with the System.

Connector-terminals are provided for transmission of output-signal to process-line, control system.

Technical specifications: 

 Light source:

 Led technology

 Minimum hole size:

 3 mm

 Web speed:

 5 m/min - 2000 m/min

 Detection response:

 5 msec

 Detection width:

 350 mm

 Gap between TX & RX:

 up to 2 meters

 Optical alignment:

 Through monitor LED

 Width detection:

 350 mm (500 mm as optional)

 Ambient light immunity:

 Frequency modulation

 Output relay:

 Max: 250 Vac, 5 A

 Optocoupled output:

 Max: 70V, 50 mA

 Signal output lenght:

 Adjust. (from 40 ms to 200 ms)


 505 x 65 x 170 mm

 Ambient temperature:

 from - 30 °C to + 65 °C 


 3.5 kg each


 IP 65

 Power supply:

 230 VAC, 20 VA