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The company was founded in August 1984 and due to its formidable technical competence in hardware and software development for micro-processor control-boards, achieved instant recognition by users in the domestic market. Cooperation with important business partners including 3M ITALIA; IMATION and FERRANIA Technologies lent further impetus to the company and resulted in the development of high-technology inspection systems for medical plates. Extensive research and prototyping led to the creation of an electronic system for high-speed surface inspection: the IR.I.S. (Infra-Red Inspection System). This device consisted of three basic elements: Optical scanning head; Electronics and Dedicated computer system.

The IR.I.S. was ahead of its time with innovation and performance:

  • High working speed;
  • High ability to identify and discriminate between defects;
  • Totally dedicated software;
  • Real time processing;
  • Dedicated databases.

As an engineering-driven entity, EDS was intent on developing and fully controlling all three of the elements fundamental to the product. This philosophy was facilitated by alliances with specialist companies, research at university engineering and science faculties and the relentless dedication of EDS's highly qualified team.

From the success of the IR.IS to the Pinhole Detector:

Recognition of trends in quality control and projections on technical demands set by users in this rapidly evolving market prompted EDS senior directors to initiate a process of fusion between technologies covering opto-electronics and automation - thus focusing on process-control requirements for application in a variety of industries. Preserving this surface-inspection field as its most important pursuit, the company sought to expand its portfolio by responding to customers' needs relating to the detection of other types of materials being processed. In consequence, during the early 90's, EDS developed and successfully marketed new systems for the detection of micro-holes in fast-moving material webs. Experience and customer-confidence derived through this activity led the company to its next breakthrough; Simultaneous detection of pinholes in two aluminium foil webs in high-speed, Aluminium Foil Separating Machines. Solidly established as leaders in micro-holes detection technology, EDS continues to strengthen its presence by perfecting its design for Automatic Can Inspection; The new model CIS 7040 is modular in construction and of compact design – thus easily installed on existing can processing lines – using LED monochrome emission ensuring high on-production-line performance.

EDS's Pinhole Detection Equipment finds application in the light gauge aluminium foil as well as other non-ferrous, flat sheet and light strip production industries. The Italian company's fault detection products are also used by manufacturers of light steel strip and tinplate as well as by packaging and converting companies for plastics and film.

With a keen eye to advancement and to the market's constantly evolving technical needs, EDS pursues a rigorous R&D programme and this activity is supported by the participation of the Physics and Chemistry departments in the Faculty of Engineering at The University of Genoa. Cooperation with and supply of the company's Pinhole Detection Products to the world's leading OEM builder of Aluminium Foil Finishing and Plastics / Films Converting Lines also adds significant impetus to EDS's development.