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EDS (Electronic Design System s.r.l.) with headquarters in Italy, was formed in 1984 and quickly became established as suppliers of Product Quality Inspection Equipment to the steel and aluminium industries.

With emphasis on process control, EDS effectively responds to industry-driven demands for continued enhancements to product quality. Flexibitily and technical innovation are our strengths and these are the means by which we consistently meet the specific requirements of our customeers.

Our core-competence relates to the incorporation of opto-electronics in process automation.

Oiur main products are: Pinhole Detectors for use on steel sheet and foil Slitting Lines; Process Lines; Aluminium Foil Separating Lines; Foil Containers; Can Inspection and other special detection devices.

But what is Pinhole Detection Equipment ?

An EDS Pinhole Detector is a high-performance, opto-electronic device, based on laser and LED technology. It is specifically designed and constructed for the detection of pinholes in moving webs of steel, aluminium and other non-ferrous materials as well as webs for packaging and varieties of converted products. Even at high web-speeds (up to 2000m/min), EDS Pinhole Detectors perform reliably and with high sensitivity, detecting holes down to 10 microns in size. Product Quality Control Reporting generated by EDS Pinhole Detectors is now a standard which is recognised by users in Europe and on other continents. EDS customers can offer their product with confidence and with the certainty of high quality and known porosity.

Some examples of our Pinhole Detection Products are:


EDS Model CIS 7040 Can Inspection Stand (Fig.1)




EDS Models CSM20 and CSM10 Pinhole Detectors for single foil and sheet, Cutting Lines; Slitting Lines; Annealing Lines; Electrolytic Tinning Lines; PVC Foil Lines (non-transparent); Aluminum Foil Lines and other web products. (Fig.2)




EDS Models CSM10D and CSM20D Pinhole Detectors for use on Aluminium Foil Separating Machines (where two layers of ultra-thin foils are processed simultaneously) (Fig.3)




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